BECAA pays Registration and Fees for 100 students

September 2015 – Through the Julene Jarrett Ricks Ngwayah Education Fund (JJRNEF), BECAA paid the mandatory government imposed registration and fees for all high school students in grades 9 through 12 at Bong Mines Central High School (BMCHS) in Bong Mines, Liberia. In a written statement to the students, Mr. Vassey Lartson, President of BECAA (USA) said “it is our goal to make this institution a rebirth of what was once a world class education center.” Mr. Lartson added, “we ask the students here at BMCHS, to embrace this gift as an opportunity to excel where others don’t. We want you to know that you have somebody who cares for you individually and collectively in the Bong Education Center Alumni Association (BECAA). Hon. Advertus Orea Wright, Assistant Minister of Education, Republic of Liberia was the guest speaker at the program. Click here for BECAA President’s statement read at the ceremony on September 18, 2015 in Bong Mines.